20th Century Art

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Ruth Burden
Anne Falkner
(2 works available)
Fred Cuming
Reginald Brill
Adrian Parnell
(1 of 2 works)
Diana Armfield
Evelyn Harke
Sydney Noel Simmons
George Large
(One of 8 works)
Orlando Greenwood
Raymond Thibesart
Ernest Yarrow Jones
(2 works available)
John Burman
(1 of 2 works)
Giorgio Belloni
(One fo 6 works)
Giorgio Belloni
(One of 6 works)
Sargy Mann
René Genis
(One of four works)
William Kay Blacklock
George Clausen
Sargy Mann
Sargy Mann
Hilda Trefusis
Ken Moroney
Emily Beatrice Bland
Thomas Barclay Hennell
(1of 2 works)
George Large
🔺Sargy Mann
Colin Moss
Sir William Rothenstein
Gunner F J Mears
(1 of 4 works)
Wynford Dewhurst
(1 of 8 works)
Harold Speed
Pierre Eugène Montézin
Lizzie Hogarth
George Devlin
George Large
Joanna Carrington
🔺Mary Constance Lloyd
Ted Gentry
Oliver Warman
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