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Frank Jameson (1899-1968)
Portrait of the artist's daughter, Daphne
15 x 10½ inches


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A beautiful and engaging portrait showing the bond between artist and sitter.

Painter in oil, born in London. Became an insurance salesman, in the evenings studying at Birmingham Art School. Commissioned in the Worcestershire Regiment in World War I, he was responsible for building bridges and blockhouses. After demobilisation he lived in Redditch and travelled around the county camping and painting landscapes, eventually doing the same in Dorset, Brixham in Devon and St Ives, Cornwall, where he rented the Loft Studio and joined the Society of Artists. Also showed at RWA, RA, RBA, RHA, ROI and Paris Salon. Was a member of Bournemouth Art Club while living there, then moved to Glenovar, near Dublin, in Ireland, in the late 1940s returning to St Ives and then settling in Falmouth. His studio commanded a fine view of the River Fal.

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