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Nicholas Holloway Hubert Coop watercolour paintings

Hubert Coop (1872-1953)


Chalk cliffs on a summer's day



13½ x 19½ inches


Price: Sold

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This dramatic scene with clouds skudding across an azure sky is a superb example of Hubert Coop's accomplished work in watercolour.


Hubert Coop was born in Olney, Buckinghamshire in 1872. He studied at the Lincoln School of Art where he achieved a first class degree in Design. He was elected to the R.B.A. in 1897. He travelled throughout the United Kingdom so there is a great variety to his landscapes with views ranging from North Wales, Yorkshire, East Anglia and the Kentish coast. In his later years he lived in Bideford, Devon.


He exhibited extensively including: R.A., R.B.S.A., R.Cam.A., R.I., The Fine Arts Society and the Walker Gallery, Liverpool.

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