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Eric Malthouse, artist, for sale, Welsh, Wales, paintings, St Ives, abstract

Eric James Malthouse (1914-1997)


The embrace,


watercolour, pencil and gouache,

7¼ x 11¾ inches.


Price: Sold

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A boldly coloured, striking composition recalling Henry Moore's monumental figures.

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Eric Malthouse was born in Erdington, Birmingham in 1914. He studied under Bernard Fleetwood-Walker at Edward VI Grammar School and subsequently at Birmingham College of Art. Aside from a brief but formative period in the mid 1950s in St Ives, he spent the majority of his career in Wales. He is broadly credited with introducing modern art to Wales through his role as a lecturer at the Cardiff College of Art (1944 - 73) and as the founder of the South Wales Group (1949) and the 56 Group (1956).


He was an associate of the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) and elected to the Printmakers' council in 1971. He produced several murals, most notably at University Hall, Cardiff. His work is held in several public and private collections throughout Wales and beyond, including Cardiff University and the National Museum of Wales.

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