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Douglas Wilson Summer

Douglas Wilson (born 1936)
Summer Evening, Shropshire
Oil on board
9½ x 11¾ inches
13 x 15¼ inches with frame

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A very striking image with the beautiful trumpet-like flowers of the hedge bindweed dominating the foreground.


Douglas Wilson (b.1936) studied at Farnham School of Art, then with Percy Horton at Oxford University, 1959–62, where his teachers also included Lawrence Toynbee and Geoffrey Rhoades. He went on to teach, at Wirral College of Art and at Lord Wandsworth College, 1969–74. Exhibited widely, including RBA, RCamA, Liverpool Academy, Thackeray Gallery and elsewhere, his one-man shows including Bluecoat Gallery in Liverpool and Highgate Fine Art, 2001. Wilson shared a show with Frederick Gore there in 2003, with another solo exhibition in 2004. The meticulous juxtaposition of plants and houses and depiction of light and weather infused Wilson’s fine landscapes with a surreal quality. Lived in Newport, Shropshire.


Examples of his work can be found in numerous private and public collections including the Williamson Art Gallery and the The Shire Hall Gallery, Staffordshire. See the ArtUK website.


Source: Artists in Britain Since 1945 by David Buckman

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Douglas Wilson
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