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Alma Gogin artist for sale watercolour interior scenes Bloomsbury Brighton SuNicholas Holloway

Alma Gogin (1854-1948)


Rufus reading

signed and inscribed,

"Rufus reading at Walberton"


7 x 10½ inches


Price: SOLD

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One of a group of seven interior scenes (see below) which give intimate snapshots of the homes of this talented artist and her friends. The series is inscribed with addresses in Brighton, Richmond and Walberton, West Sussex.


Dating to the early 20th Century, these attractive vignettes bear comparison to the numerous interior scenes painted by Vanessa Bell and the Bloomsbury group from around the same period.

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Alma Gogin (1854-1948) was the wife of Charles Gogin (1844-1931), a portrait and genre painter. She exhibited at the Royal Academy, The Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) and the Society of Women Artists (SWA).


They lived in Shoreham and later in Brighton. The Brighton and Hove Museums and Art Galleries hold an extensive collection of both artists' work including a charming portrait of Alma by Charles Gogin.

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