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William Joy

William Joy (1803-1867)
A Man o'war and other shipping in choppy seas; A Man o'war and other shipping in calm waters Watercolour over traces of pencil
Both 4 x 5½ inches
10 x 11½ inches with frames
(A pair)


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William and John Cantiloe Joy were born in Great Yarmouth. Both brothers were marine artists of considerable merit, who enjoyed a close relationship throughout their lives resulting in many paintings which were jointly executed. They both worked in watercolour, John almost exclusively, but William also painted in oils, which are comparatively rare. William's work was in general finely painted, highly detailed in the treatment of the figures, boats and their riggings. Both brothers enjoyed the patronage of several collectors of the day, including the marine inventor, Captain Thomas Manby, RN who had an estate in Norfolk.

Examples of their work can be found in the British Museum, The V & A and The National Maritime Museum.

Other works by the artists:

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