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Thomas Lound (1802-1861)
Fishermen on the shore,
Oil on canvas,
8 x 12 inches

Provenance: Dr Peter Kennedy-Scott*



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This dramatic landscape by Thomas Lound is a rare oil by the artist who generally opted for watercolour. He was a pupil of John Sell Cotman whose influence can be seen here with the banding of the picture space into plains of light and shadow.




Although Thomas Lound  was not a full time artist (he was a brewer by trade), he sketched and painted with all the leading Norwich School painters throughout his life and joined the Norwich Society in 1820. He was a pupil of John Sell Cotman and was also greatly influenced by the work of John Crome and David Cox. He exhibited in London from 1845 to 1857, including 19 pictures at the Royal Academy.

*Dr Peter Kennedy Scott was a collector and authority on the Norwich School. He was the author of A Romantic Look at Norwich School Landscapes (1998)

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